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Do you take private work?

  • We believe in our work being free at the point of access. This means that the vast majority of our work is funded. We work mostly with looked after children in Adoption or Fostering Services or families supported by chid in need or child protection plans.

  • On very rare occasions we have been known to take on private work, but often will do this via third parties.

What assessments do you do?


In person or remote?

  • Our parenting work, NVR and Therapeutic Parenting, can be done online but DDP with the child/young person needs to be done in our therapeutic space in Troon, Camborne.  Whist online has many positives; we would encourage parents to come to our therapy space as face to face has an edge on online work.

Where are you?

  • We are fortunate to have found an accessible therapy space on the renovated King Edward Mine site in Troon, Camborne.  Not only is the site stunning and dramatic, set in an expansive beautiful rural landscape with the ruins of an old engine house close by, but there is ample parking and a café on site too.

  • The address is:

    • Unit 3, King Edward Work Spaces

    • Newton Moor

    • Troon

    • Camborne

    • TR14 9HW

  • You can find us on google maps at:

  • You can find us via What3words using: ///


If I get funded through the Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Fund (ASGSF) how long do I have to wait?

The usual process is:

  • You talk with your lead professional who contacts us.  We approach you and we agree to meet. At the meeting we talk about what brought you here and we share what we can offer.  If we agree we will then write to your lead professional with our quote.

  • Your lead professional will then fill in the paper work and submit it to the Adoption Support Fund.

  • Currently, the Adoption Support Fund can take on average 6 weeks to process the application.

  • Once the funding is agreed, they will let your lead professional know, who will then let us all know and we will then find an agreeable time and date to start.

  • So, depending on the availability of everyone in the system, it can take 8 – 12 weeks between your professional asking us to work with you and our first therapy session.

In DDP when does the child join in?

In NVR is the child involved directly?

  • No, in NVR we only work directly with the parents and the systems around the child (professionals, schools and wider family and community)


What's the DDP process?

How do I choose a therapist?

Is the dog optional?

  • Yes! Milly is optional and we err more on not having our dog in our therapy room, but Milly can often be a helpful addition, enticing children out of their shell or comforting emotional parents.

  • If you or your child had a phobia of dogs then of course we will not have Milly in that day.

I'm not sure I can persuade my child into therapy room

I don't drive how can get there?

  • By Train: The closest train station is Camborne, 1.4 miles away and there are regular buses (nos 48 & 49) which go from the train station to the top of the road (Pendarvis Road Bus Stop) from there it’s a pleasant 5 min walk to our office. Alternatively you could get a taxi: Taxis in Camborne, Cornwall (

  • By bus: from Camborne bus station, buses (48&49) are approximately 8 mins and 38 mins past the hour going to the top of our road, from there it’s a 5 min walk to our office.

Is the clinical space accessible?

  • Yes the therapy space is wheelchair accessible with disabled toilets available in the building. Should you have specific needs, please let us know.

Do I have to talk about my childhood?

Didn't you do some training about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation with actors and pea soup?

  • Yes we did! That was a very successful chapter of our work here at UsefulPsychology, training 100s of professionals in Devon and Cornwall over a five year period. If you want the pea soup recipe, get in touch!

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