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Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

UsefulPsychology offers therapy to families supporting children recovering from trauma or neglect from our comfortable premises here at King Edward Mine

We offer a space to explore ways to connect and communicate using Therapeutic Parenting and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP).

Parents and Carers are usually offered 10 Therapeutic Parenting sessions. During this time we explore your own attachment history, strategies to use at home and learn about the PACE and DDP models.

When you are feeling confident, we introduce your child into sessions. Using PACE and affective-reflective dialogue (feeling with your child first, and making sense of those feelings second), to help them make sense of their lives.

How can I access therapy?

UsefulPsychology accepts referrals from the local authority for families supported by Early Help, the Family Plus Team and other Adoption support and foster agencies

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