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Training for Professionals


Therapeutically orientated training for professionals exploring Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Sexual abuse.

Developed by specialist therapists and Psychologists with extensive field experience, this is delivered in partnership with creative arts professionals to create a uniquely meaningful experience to practice with children and young people.

'It was one of the best courses I have ever attended' NHS worker, 2019

'This course has giving me the extra confidence to tackle any young person attending health care and feel comfortable to engage in conversation, build rapport and find out how I can best help them. I have found since that young people have been very forthcoming with the information I am asking for because I feel so much relaxed discussing difficult topics and can empathise with them.' NHS worker

'The question and answer sessions were so helpful, with a huge knowledge base from the facilitators.' Social worker

New for 2020 in the response to the covid pandemic: A morning of online based group experiences, academic input via presentation and afternoon of live forum theatre.



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